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Any plans for a Linux demo build?

Deleted 277 days ago

At the moment I can play by downloading from a browser but no download options show up in the client. Can you look into this?


will do. I will reply once i have a solution.

Actually looking at it myself I believe the fix is to simply upload an unzipped folder. Please do if you can.

Got it

what does getting this version of the game get you? (updates to game as they come? full version when it is released?)

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We put this version on sale just to get some exposure. You can grab the Earlybird deal on the KS Campaign right now for $15, and get the full version when its ready (Steam/DRM-free PC & Mac & Linux) plus some Kickstarter goodies!

so if someone had bought this at full price, they wouldn't be getting anything in the future (if so, maybe put a disclaimer on the page)

This version is a demo and will remain 100% off forever :)