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LightBreak is an art-focused, narrative-driven musical game. Discover the story of Ava, a young traveler who has undertaken numerous adventures and now wishes to return home to recount her tales to her mother. Ava, however, has lost her voice, and due to her mother’s blindness, she cannot rely on visual storytelling. Ava’s one form of communication with her mother is the powerful musical instrument she wields.

The game features unique gameplay, blending puzzle elements and music to create a dynamic music creation environment. In LightBreak, you control the Magical instrument that Ava is playing - to help her connect with her emotions and communicate her journey to her mother.

The game play is a novel narrative-driven fusion of audio and puzzle elements. Each face of the magical instrument represents a "track" in the overall mix. Sometimes, your instrument is out of tune, and you need to tune it to play the music in harmony. Eventually, players will enter a creative flow state as they essentially play music by fixing up each track of the music.  When they find the correct tune, the environment changes drastically as the instrument will render the music and show the visual representation of Ava's memories connected to that song.

How to Play:

Gameplay  has three phases each guiding you through the process of tuning your instrument. Phase one  Presents the player with the instrument and it's different faces each with a number of notes to interact with, this will  be the same across all scenes. 


  • Pick a face to tune, then rotate the instrument by clicking on the 3 Rings and pick a comfortable angle
  • Click on a Note to zoom into it
  • Turn notes  and let go until they are tuned and light up


  • listen to the music and make sure the notes are in the right order.
  • Switch the order of the notes to Match the music you hear.
    • Select a Note by clicking on it. You can deselect it by clicking on it again. 
    • Once a Note is selected, click another note to swap their places. 

About the Settings: 

We are using an experimental Ray-traced reflections tech that is not yet optimized for machines with no dedicated GPUs.  It is turned off by default, if your PC can handle it, we recommend turning it on!  (Its gorgeous!)

Recommended Specs for high settings: 
CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K or better 
GPU: Nvidia GTX 960 or better


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LightBreak.zip 275 MB


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Any plans for a Linux demo build?

Deleted 340 days ago

At the moment I can play by downloading from a browser but no download options show up in the client. Can you look into this?


will do. I will reply once i have a solution.

Actually looking at it myself I believe the fix is to simply upload an unzipped folder. Please do if you can.

Got it

what does getting this version of the game get you? (updates to game as they come? full version when it is released?)

(1 edit)

We put this version on sale just to get some exposure. You can grab the Earlybird deal on the KS Campaign right now for $15, and get the full version when its ready (Steam/DRM-free PC & Mac & Linux) plus some Kickstarter goodies!

so if someone had bought this at full price, they wouldn't be getting anything in the future (if so, maybe put a disclaimer on the page)

This version is a demo and will remain 100% off forever :)